The BALKILL system is customizable and can be installed in any HVAC by Regìa Innovaction. Our aeraulic specialists will assess the size of the rooms, the range and the type of the existing air conditioning system. BALKILL is then tailor-made to fit the Air Conditioning Unit to decontaminate the air in 1Vol/h.

BALKILL can be installed:

  • before the Air Handling Units (AHU)
  • directly in the aeraulic ducts
  • before the air supply vents

This way it is possible to completely “wash” the air 1 vol/hour.

The “recirculation” mode, which the World Health Organization advised to turn off (“Fans for air circulation in collective spaces should be avoided when several people are present in this space.”, see also our section about scientific reports) can be safely switched on again.

Our sanitization system, integrated with the existing Air Conditioning Units, does not interfere with their functioning but evolves them into air purifiers as well.

Air decontamination takes place in a few minutes for each passage of air when:

1) our innovative filtering material allows the airflow but traps the contaminants

2) the powerful but innocuous nanomaterial TiO2 kicks off photocatalysis

3) the UVC leds break apart viruses, bacteria and contaminants caught on the filter.

Tests show that under these conditions viruses and bacteria (as well as VOCs, NoX and TSP – total suspended particles) are stopped and inactivated, contrary to what happens on traditional filters, where they remain vital and often thrive.

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“To stop and destroy viruses and bacteria like Balkill does, a synergistic action is needed :
an innovative 3D filtering material with the lowest possible air pressure
drop together with  the photocatalysis and the best UVC leds”
Gianluigi Salvi
Direttore Tecnico Regia Innovaction